Welcome to reZiststicker.com
, an activist project launched in Occupied Palestine as a response to Israel's renewed and intensified aggression upon Gaza and Lebanon, and the need to express our thoughts about these brutal crimes.

Our goal: To help increase visibility of support for human rights and social justice, especially in the Middle East - an area that is really getting the brunt of US-Israeli war crimes. We believe that lots of cars with stickers like this will be good for increasing public awareness and promoting these views.

reZiststicker prints its stickers in Al-Ram, which is between Ramallah and Jerusalem, in the Occupied West Bank. We feel that this is one more way to support the people there. And the fact that these stickers come from the land of Palestine is pretty neat too!

reZiststicker sells stickers both on a retail and wholesale basis, and we are able to custom print stickers for you in Palestine at very competitive prices.

reZist with us and get the word out!

In solidarity!
Haithem El-Zabri
Founder, reZiststicker.com


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